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FEBURARY 15, 2021


A mezzanine floor is a middle floor space worked between two stories or between the floor and the roof. A mezzanine floor duplicates the usable space of an overhead floor. These floors can be applied to any structure space. Mezzanine floors are intended for a particular building region rather than using the whole floor region. They use free vertical space by changing it over to an extra room above and underneath the floor. Mezzanine floor buildings are constructed essentially liberated from existing designs. They are regularly specially crafted according to the need and particulars of the customer. Mezzanine floors can be made from cement, steel, or wood.


Mezzanine floors are constructed mostly up the divider on a story with a roof in some measure double the base tallness of the floor. It isn't included as a story in the building and excluded while deciding the greatest floor space. According to the International Building Code, a mezzanine floor should have at least 33% of the floor space of the floor beneath it. When there are at least two mezzanine floors in the building, the amount of spaces of floor space of mezzanines should not be more prominent than 33% the amount of floor space of the total floor underneath. Mezzanine floors are utilized in present day engineering that gives significance to light and space. It is mostly utilized in the retail climate to build the extra room or lift the selling space. It is these days utilized in private buildings and libraries as a brightening component. Typically, the base tallness of the mezzanine floor above and underneath the floor should be 2 m. Then, at that point, the absolute tallness of the room wanted to have a mezzanine floor ought to be around 4.2 m, given the profundity of floor is 20 cm. On the off chance that a fire-appraised roof is introduced, this stature would increment to 4.4 m.



Concrete mezzanine floors are one of the most solid sorts of mezzanine floors. They can take concrete burdens on account of which they have acquired ubiquity in modern and high-limit military applications where the mezzanine is super durable. A portion of the advantages of concrete mezzanine floors are:

• Negligible commotion transmission through the floor deck
• Expanded imperviousness to fire
• Minimal expense support
• Expanded clammy obstruction
• Construction is quick with expanded firmness
• The high warm mass of concrete floors brings down the energy interest for warm solace


Steel mezzanine floor construction is one of the normal decking choices for modern and places of business. Its plan gives strong and secure protection from people walking through. The advantages of steel mezzanine floors are:

• Upgraded strength
• High dampness opposition
• Monetary development
• Low support
• High strength and sturdiness


Wooden mezzanine floors are liked to give a rich look to the space. They add excellence and warmth to the building region and are a brilliant decision for office space or retail location climate. The significant advantages of wooden mezzanine floors are:

• Great strength and solidness
• Treated hardwood for mezzanine floors keep going for a really long time
• Convey weighty people walking through and dynamic work areas
• Simple establishment
• Can be cleaned without any problem
• Give better acoustics
• Work on indoor quality


A Mezzanine floor is either darted straightforwardly and associated with the current entrance casing of the building or is unattached (regular mezzanine) and can be destroyed sometime in the future and reconstructed is required. The Mezzanine region (normally single or two layered) are finished with balustrade for free regions (shops and retail outlets) or are fitted with a traditional twin railed handrail framework for capacity mezzanines.

Mezzanine floors are for the most part made from general pillars (primary bars) and are associated inside the snare of the bars by electrifies C-Section joists. The joists are rushed to the principle radiates by aroused point sections called spikes. The optional bars (joists or purlins) are set at 400mm – 700mm focuses reliant upon the stacking necessities.

The mezzanine building is upheld at the right plan tallness by supporting sections. The help segments are for the most part box segments RHS with square base plates (200-700mm relying upon burden and floor chunk) and top cap plates welded to them. Base plates are rushed to the concrete building piece with two through bolts for each section and top cap plates are darted to the widespread segments with 4 bolts. Swagger or cross supports are utilized for strength/influence for more modest floor regions. Decking, typically 38mm high thickness floor grade chipboard board are screw fixed to the joists with self boring screws commonly 16 for each board. Handrail is introduced for edge security to all uncovered countenances of the mezzanines building as wellbeing edge insurance. Stairwell blends in with mid or top appearances complete the mezzanine floor and give permission to the mezzanines levels.


Mezzanine floor hand-railing or edge assurance is there to shape a security obstruction around the uncovered essences of the mezzanine. The hand-railing is either standard for capacity stages or for free or office is for the most part an upward bar balustrade framework or tempered steel and glass, The edge assurance can likewise be network infill boards which offers a more practical obstruction for community use.


Hardened steel and glass balustrade adds a sensation of plushness to mezzanines, specifically office and retail mezzanines. Hardened steel and glass balustrade looks great as well as buildings a total defensive boundary to open edges of mezzanines. Balustrade (spotless and glass or vertical balusters) are fundamental for community region.

The advantages of introducing a mezzanine floor are acknowledged quickly, with expanded space for construction, extra office regions, storage spaces, gathering regions and so on The money saving advantages are acknowledged a seemingly endless amount of many years. The costs saved as far as lease and rates will handily cover the underlying mezzanines speculation and inside a couple of years.


Mezzanine Flooring Construction in Chennai
Mezzanine Flooring Construction in Chennai
Mezzanine Flooring Construction in Chennai

Mezzanine Flooring Construction in Chennai
Mezzanine Flooring Construction in Chennai
Mezzanine Flooring Construction in Chennai


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