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FEBURARY 15, 2021


Industrial mezzanine floor in Chennai are regularly unattached steel structures introduced inside a structure. Top mezzanine floor contractors in Chennai can be utilized for all virtually and purposes any kind of utilization including storage, workplaces, and creation, manufacturing, and observation stages in light of the fact that there are various decking choices including wood, concrete, grinding, and steel to fit the different applications.

Advantages to Having an Industrial Mezzanine Floor

• Fundamentally less expensive than migrating to a bigger creation office.
• Uses repetitive vertical space to make extra production space.
• Particular plan permitting quick and productive establishment, and whenever required can be effortlessly expanded or migrated.
• Fitted plans to address individual issues to make single or staggered floors.

Advantages of Industrial Mezzanine Flooring System

Additional Storage Space- Most manufacturing units and circulation focuses across Chennai are frequently tested by space imperatives. With a ton of delivery and getting happening every day of the week, maintaining enough storage space becomes essential. In such conditions, a warehouse mezzanine flooring system in Chennai can demonstrate valuable. With a mezzanine system, you can work around your current office to build extra room without adding new warehousing premises.

No Need to move- Most manufacturers distressed with space limits resort to moving the warehouse office or building more space on to the current ones. You can fail to remember the possibility of moving, when you select the mezzanine floor arrangement. Reach out to a mezzanine flooring professional in Chennai, as we, who can plan an effective mezzanine system custom-made flawlessly for your warehousing needs.

Minimum Height of an Industrial Mezzanine Floor

The base tallness for a PEB mezzanine floor in Chennai from the roof is 400 centimetres, which around converts to 14 feet between the rooftop and the ground. This is the standard setting for a efficient mezzanine system. Independent of the capacity of the floor, it is critical to cling to this distance.

The flooring is normally 33% of the size of the ground floor; however a few specialists suggest a large portion of the size of the floor. In spite of the contrasting conclusions, a floor space more modest than the ground floor will likewise add to the feel.

Types of Industrial Mezzanines


Unattached mezzanines, or equipment stages, are not associated with the fundamental construction of the structure and are sufficiently adaptable to be reconfigured. They are built utilizing a racking system to make a work stage equipped for holding weighty equipment. They have a safely fixed base that is totally protected yet simple to move or reposition. Upheld by sections, unattached mezzanines are darted to the floor and occupy minimal room. They are ideally suited for circumstances where the space under the mezzanine should be utilized.

Racking and Shelving Supported

Rack upheld mezzanines are lighter and proposition the choice of a catwalk with a storage region. They are a financially high technique for giving additional extra room. Rack upheld mezzanines in Chennai are upheld by rack uprights rather than primary legs. The framing of the mezzanine, joints and stringers, bolt to segments to make the decking. The association with the segments makes the decking steadier and solidly moored. Racks and retires are near one another to help the construction.


Catwalk mezzanines are utilized to expand the limit of tall shelves or racks. The upper space of rack is available from catwalks that stretch out from the floor of the mezzanine. Existing racking offers help for the mezzanine frame. Backing segments can be added to offer extra help between the racks. Catwalk mezzanines are an assortment of racking and rack supported mezzanines.

Full Mat

Full mat mezzanines are one more assortment of racks and shelves upheld mezzanines. They join the elements of unsupported and catwalk plans and are supported by shelving or rack uprights. As can be found in the graph, the region over the racking is open and can be utilized for mass storage, office space, or a worker cafeteria. They can be introduced over existing racking or rack uprights.

Building Column

Building Column mezzanines are associated with the structure and are designed to store and support heavier burdens. Mixed assortments are part of the way supported by the segments and part of the way by the design of the building. For this kind of industrial mezzanine in Chennai to be installed, the construction of the structure should be equipped for supporting substantial loads. It very well may be joined to a divider with the rest of it connected to the columns.


Normal uses for prefabricated modular mezzanine floor structure manufacturers in Chennai incorporate storage, workplaces, pinnacles, and equipment stages. Their simple establishment expands floor pace rapidly and economically. They are more affordable than built mezzanines and take less time and work to set up. Similarly as with hand crafted mezzanines, prefabricated mezzanines come in grouped heights, number of stages, weight limits, and shaft and segment setups.

A mezzanine floor construction in Chennai is a halfway floor introduced in a structure between the primary floor and the roof that is mostly open to the fundamental floor. Mezzanines can be permanent or brief and can fill in as additional office space, storage region, or a work stage. There are a few types of mezzanines that are intended to fit specific conditions. Mezzanines can be utilized for office space, an additional a workspace, storage, or a stage for equipment use. When planning to introduce mezzanine, be certain that the structure floor can deal with the additional weight.


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