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What Is EOT Crane?

EOT crane, whose full form is electric overhead travelling crane, is a sort of generally involved lifting equipment for material lifting in the workshop, warehouse, and material field. The activity scope of an EOT crane is constructed as rectangular, due the crane range building on an extension crane can understand longitudinal activity along the two sides of the rail laid on the raised casing, while the lifting streetcar can understand level activity along the rail laid on the crane length structure.

As a result of the interesting design, the crane can make the most of the space under the crane range construction to lift material starting from the earliest stage be impeded. This kind of crane is generally utilized in different of fields like indoor and outside warehouse, factories, wharf, and open air material storage yard, and so forth.

Kinds of EOT cranes

There are predominantly two kinds of EOT cranes-single girder EOT and double girder EOT.

Single girder EOT crane

The single girder EOT crane has a single girder with a trolley and lifts that runs along the pivot. It has one fundamental girder between the equal run way and doesn't need the rail part for continuing on the runway. It comprises of mounted engines and vertical gearboxes. It very well may be effectively worked through a press button pendant station or radio controller. These Electric Overhead Travelling cranes utilize a snap activity limit switch that upholds the derrick's development in a vertical and descending heading.

It is comprised of four-wheel game arrangement in lengthy travel end carriage. Such cranes are generally utilized in handling common to medium articles and materials. The single girder EOT cranes are lighter than the double girder EOT cranes and are chiefly utilized for short work periods.

Double girder EOT crane

The double girder crane has two girders with two trolleys and lifts that run along the pivot of the pillar. These cranes have a stage on the two sides. It has a crab instrument that runs along both the girders. These are utilized for the most part for girder purposes. It comprises of foot mounted engines and flat gearboxes. It very well may be worked by the press button pendant, radio controller, and working lodge mode, not at all like the single girder, which can't be worked by the lodge.

In this sort of EOT crane, there are two kinds of cutoff switches. One is as far as possible switch used to compute the snare voyaging and controls the vertical and descending movements. It likewise has an extra switch known as far as possible switch, which is utilized for getting the cutoff switch working. The twofold girder EOT crane has an eight-wheel game plan that is easy to maintain.

Advantages of EOT Cranes

With regards to running a gigantic industrial activity, it is fundamental to have the right devices accessible to guarantee that smooth and continuous running of the relative multitude of cycles. An EOT cranes girders boosting efficiency by fast and simple vehicle of products over the industrial floor. The following are a couple of advantages of utilizing EOT cranes:


Other moving equipment like forklifts carry with them the gamble of error in the cycles like stacking, dropping products too as can cause accidents by crashing. Since an above crane moves objects through the above space of the office, any of these dangers are wiped out. Additionally, these cranes have accuracy controls accessible for the operators which help in the exact situating of the products. EOT cranes are fit for moving heavier loads quicker than forklifts.

Diminished Floor Checks

Since the EOT cranes are situated over the ground and roof level, they no affect the floor region. Because of this, the items can likewise be continued any impediments consequently diminishing the possibilities of harm to the items.

Profoundly Adjustable

EOT cranes are incredibly adaptable according to the necessity of the activity. For example, numerous Underneath The-Snare extras can be added to the crane to improve to alter its capacities like spreader bars, utensils, lifting radiates, roll and curl lifters, sheet lifters, and bed lifters.


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