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A Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Panel is a significant product in the construction business due to the various benefits. In reality PUF board is one of the best methods for maintain with the energy proficiency of the building. Protected PUF board building keeps the building cool in summer and warm in winter. As the outcome Puf board is setting aside to 40 - 50 % of warming and cooling cost. Puf protected boards increment the impact of warm effectiveness and lessen the temperature inside the building. Puf boards are utilized for different applications like Food handling industry, Cold storage, Living Shelters, Prefabricated covers, porta lodges, maturing chambers, clean rooms, Control rooms, wellbeing focuses, divider cladding, High height convenience covers and some more.


• The construction cost is lower than the conventional outlining.
• The energy saving is higher the purpose for it is the low warm conductivity.
• The plan is adaptable and you can undoubtedly pick different choices of boards and shading.
• Boards are liberated from any sort of the deformities.
• These are with the incredible completion
• It diminish the impact of the commotion contamination
• Boards are enduring
• Endure with unforgiving climate conditions and support free
• It has enduring worth with controlled quality, exactness and speed of construction
• Lightweight boards which are not difficult to lift and erect at any tallness inside the plant or some other spot
• Simple to ship starting with one spot then onto the next and exceptionally Insulated
• It is with unrivalled strength and Commendable design


In the present quick running and current world, requirement of superior execution products is vital and fundamental. By elite execution we imply that the products ought to string, of light weight, long strongest, and have various applications. The PUF boards and polyurethane products show such vitality in the construction business.

The inflexible froth and polyurethane gives the PUF Panel protection capacities which settle on the PUF boards and optimal decision for the construction of dividers and rooftops. These protection abilities of PUF boards, helps in saving a ton of costs on power by maintain with uniform temperature inside the built building. The protection additionally helps the construction companies to assemble more slender dividers and give more space inside to everyday tasks.

The PUF boards are additionally used to refurbishment and once again displaying of buildings. The boards bring an accessibility of a wide scope of planning adaptability in the re-displaying of building. The shading variety creates the plan increasingly more alluring which can be utilized as dividers and rooftops. The general utilizations of a Puf Panel is that they are cost effective and can be utilized in chilly storage spaces, compact lodges, control rooms, cooler room, convenience cover, aging chamber, protected shed, and so on The protection and tasteful variety of makes the PUF boards exceptionally relevant in the construction business.

In current construction, necessity of superior execution materials is fundamental. Superior execution involves that the material is strong, yet lightweight, tough and furthermore can be utilized in a variety of uses. For this dependability, PUF board construction can be perhaps the most ideal choice for modern as well as non- industrial buildings.


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