PUF Panel Roofing Sheet Construction Enquiries Details List


PUF Panel Roofing Sheet
500 Square meter requirements for cold storage purposes
Location : Chennai,Tamilnadu, India
Requirements for MEP Consultants 

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PUF Panel Roofing Sheet
3500 Square feet requirements for PUF Wall panel partition
Location : Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India
Requirements for Clean room company 

Clean Room For Coffee Dryer Room
Coffee Dryer Room (Clean room) Dimensions are as follows
34.5 feet length * 12 Feet width* 12.75 feet Height
Thickness – 50mm
Need Separate Quotation for Inside & Outside -PPGI (ivory white colour)
Need separate quotation for
Inside – SS304
Outside – PPGI (ivory white colour)
Door – Sliding Door/ Swing Door type.
Option with Inside and outside Lock & open Type
Need separate quotation for AIR CURTAIN TYPE & STRIP Curtain Type
Inside the Coffee Dryer Room (Clean Room) with Light facility and Alarm Facility
Floor material Colour PU coated sheet, Top with PUFF
Need Separate quotation for Both M section type & Tounge & Grove (PU/PIR Sandwiched PUF Panels).

Clean Room Enquiries Bangalore: Clean room specifications:
ISO-8 (1,00,000 particles )Standards for electronics pcb board assembly and testing.
Dimensions : 40 (length) x 30 (width) , both in ft
Varun Clean Room Enquiries Bangalore: 3. Clean room partition, esd flooring, ceiling work, airshower supply (2 people entry)
HVAC System (With AHU, duct grills outdoor)

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Puf Panel Roofing Sheet Benefits

Major advantages of Puf Panel Roofing is great intensity protection and great sound protection. Generally Puf Panel Roofing doing for cooling reason and sound decrease reason. So it will be utilized for terrace roofing system, site workplaces, cold capacity building, warehouse sheds and so on.

Styles, Examples And Plans

Across the all over India, there are many local regional of Puf Paneling system, depending upon the environment and compositional style. Regardless of environment or style, you can find to match your requirement, for example someone utilizing for Residential Shed reason and Industrial Shed reason.

Why Puf Panel Roofing Sheet For Construction Is Growing Quickly?

Construct particle pattern has changed nowadays. The course of the construction is comprises of the two things walls and rooftops. These are the important things whether it is connected with building, room or subterranean insect compact building. At the point when we discuss the old times the walls and rooftops were fundamentally worked with the utilization of the blocks, RCC blocks, points and other RCC materials.

Use Of Puf Panel Roofing Sheets In Construction Industry

In the present quick running and current world, requirement of elite execution items is important. By high execution we mean that the products ought to string, of light weight, long durability, and have various applications. The PUF panels and polyurethane products show such centrality in the construction business.

This insulation capabilities of PUF panel roofing sheets, helps in saving a great deal of costs on power by maintaining with uniform temperature inside the built building. The insulation likewise helps the construction companies to assemble more slender walls and give more space inside to everyday chores.

Why Should You Use Puf Panel Roofing Sheet In Prefab Construction?

In the high speed universe of technology today, everybody needs new and creative ways of tackling their problems. This is the way construction came to be utilized as a structure innovation today. PUF panel roofing sheet, also called polyurethane panels, are a lightweight and energy-proficient material that is many times used to cover the walls and tops of prefabricated buildings.

In a plant, PUF panel roofing sheet are made in a steady line, and afterward they are shipped off the building site to be assembled. These are first rate panels that are both light areas of strength for and. Moreover, they have a great deal of protection in their homes and businesses, which assists keep the internal parts with cooling.

Here Are The Advantages Of Puf Panel Roofing Sheet Partitions.

Lower Cost And Fast Circle Back

Construction working time is a crucial component for the improvement of construction costs. PUF panel roofing sheet are lightweight, making them simple to lift, and this allows installation in a more limited measure of time than conventional outlining, coming about in a faster circle back. Construction services will be more affordable, and the design will be finished all the more rapidly.

Thermal Capacity & Energy Saving

PUF panel roofing sheet contain a polyurethane froth layer that goes about as a separator between the metal. Utilizing these panels, you can accomplish a superior indoor environment as it will keep your space cool in summer and warm in winter. Due to its low warm conductivity, PUF Panels can help you with setting aside to half of energy every year.

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