Solar Power Plant Project Enquiries Details List


100 KW Requirement for 3 Star Hotel
Location: Chennai
Enquired By General Manager

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20 KW Requirement for Corporate Office
Location: Chennai
Enquired By HR

40 KW Requirement for Sheet Metal Manufacturing Industries
Location: Gummidipoondi
Enquired By Factory Incharge

5 KW Requirement for Dental Hospital
Location: Bangalore
Enquired By Doctor

15 KW Requirement for Hospital
Location: Hosur
Enquired By Dean of the Hospital

100 KW Requirement for Engineering College
Location: Trichy
Enquired By Vice Principal

20 KW Requirement for Marriage Hall
Location: Tumkur, Karnataka
Enquired By Owner of the Marriage Hall

200 KW Requirement for Industrial Purpose
Location: Vijayawada
Enquired By Architect

20 KW Requirement for Commercial Building - New Construction Proposal
Location: Coimbatore
Enquired By Civil Engineer

30 KW Requirement for Resort
Location: Yerkadu
Enquired By Resort Manager

10 KW Requirement for Schools
Location: Tirupati
Enquired By Asst.HM

60 KW Requirement for Foods Industries
Location: Kerala
Enquired By Manager

200 MW Requirement for Steel Plant
Location: Bellary, Karnataka
Enquired By MEP Contractors

150 KW Requirement for Textile Industries
Location: Belgaum, Karnataka
Enquired By MD

50 KW Requirement for Firework Industries
Location: Sivakasi
Enquired By Owner

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FEBURARY 15, 2021


A solar power plant is any kind of facility that changes over sunlight either straightforwardly, as photovoltaic, or in a roundabout way, as solar thermal plants, into electricity. They arrive in a variety of types, with each utilizing discretely various strategies to outfit the power of the sun.



A photovoltaic cell, generally called a solar cell or PV, is a technology used to change over solar energy straightforwardly into electricity. A photovoltaic cell is normally produced using silicon alloys. Particles of solar energy, is called photons, strike the outside of a photovoltaic cell between two semiconductors. These semiconductors show a property known as the photoelectric effect, which makes them assimilate the photons and delivery electrons. The electrons are caught as an electric flow - all in all, electricity.


A solar thermal plant creates warmth and power by concentrating the sun's energy. That in turn constructs steam that helps with taking care of a turbine and generator to create electricity. There are three kinds of solar thermal power plants:


This is the most widely recognized type of solar thermal plant. A "solar field" generally contains many equal lines of solar parabolic trough authorities. They use parabola-formed reflectors to focus the sun at 30 to multiple times its ordinary power. The technique is utilized to warm a unique kind of fluid, which is then collected at a focal area to produce high-pressure, super-heated steam.


This system utilizes hundreds to thousands of flat sun-following mirrors called heliostats to reflect and think the sun's energy onto a focal beneficiary tower. The energy can be concentrated as much as multiple times that of the energy rolling in from the sun. The concentrated solar energy is utilized to heat the air in the tower to up to 700 degrees Celsius (1,300 degrees Fahrenheit). The heat is caught in an evaporator and is utilized to deliver power with the help of a steam turbine.


This is a pool of saltwater which gathers and stores solar thermal energy. It utilizes alleged saltiness angle technology. Essentially, the base layer of the pond is very hot - up to 85 degrees Celsius - and goes about as a straightforward insulator, allowing sunlight to be caught from which heat might be removed or put away for some time in the future.


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