Multistorey Building Construction in Chennai


A multistorey building is a structure having multiple storeys, and usually includes vertical circulation in the shape of stairs, ramps and lifts. Generally these types of buildings are found in cities and towns with larger population. The development in contemporary building techniques, which commenced in late nineteenth century, is planned largely for residential and commercial purposes. Multistorey buildings intend to expand the floor space without increasing the land area of the building, thus saving land. The development of these buildings has followed the expansion of the city directly.


MultiStorey building constructions are generally for the purpose to serve as an apartment, hospital or commercial mall. The structural of these buildings is planned to deal with vertical gravity and lateral loads originated by wind speed or seismic activity. The structural system comprises only of the components developed to carry the loads, and all other components are referred to as non-structural. Being an ultimate solution for commercial purposes, the construction speed of multistorey building is faster than other conventional buildings due to usage of high level of material pre-fabrication, designing accuracy, best quality checks and riskless construction.

Following is the classification of multistorey building constructions depending on the height, need and other different factors.

Low Rise - A low rise multistorey building construction has a small number of storeys, typically less than four. It uses stairs and elevators for vertical circulation.

Mid Rise - It has number of storeys ranging from 4 to 12.

High Rise - It has number of storeys ranging from 12 to 40, with the application of stairs and lifts.

Skyscraper - Skyscraper multistorey building is a tall and habitable steel construction. It has more than 40 storeys but height is less than 300m.

Super tall – It is a steel building with height exceeding 300m.

Mega tall building - A super tall building with height exceeding 600m is called Super tall multistorey building.


The construction of multi-storeyed buildings is rely on the accessibility of materials, level of construction technology and the availability of services such as elevators required for the use in the building. At the time of construction, it is vital to obtain the exact materials as these materials will take hold of the structure jointly. The building itself is extremely big and will be continuously in use so the construction will be subjected to diverse situations and loads. Being an ideal solution for commercial building, the speed of construction is faster than other conventional buildings because of practice of best quality checks, high level of material pre-fabrication, riskless construction and designing accuracy. The basic steps involved in the construction of multistorey building are planning, excavation, P.C.C work, materials, column layout, raft foundation, reinforcement in raft, concreting, column casting, reinforcement in beam and slab and water proofing.

Different types of structural systems are used in the construction of multistory buildings to make available resist the forces of earthquake. The structural systems include moment resisting frames, shear wall systems, frame-wall or dual systems, flat slabs combined with shear walls and frames, tube systems and mega core systems.


When compared to shorter buildings, multistorey building constructions are ideal for saving space and accommodating more residents. The higher floors are relatively more airy and achieve more sunlight. These buildings are a better choice for the idea of a green building seeing that they are more lit, well-ventilated and make available added surface area to set up solar panels. They also supply facilities like common recreation centres, park, car parking, swimming poo etc. Moreover, the buildings are much more reasonable as buying a small land. Constructing a multistorey building is more reasonably priced than purchasing a widespread land.


Cost effective - These buildings are a cost effective solution as a result of the substantial decrease in first foundation and infrastructure expenses. At the time of construction, the expenses towards equipments and labor being used is smaller than that for other conservative buildings.

Light in weight - By the use of light weight slabs and steel, floors of multistorey building are very light in weight, which make these buildings striking and remain them light weight than other conventional buildings.

Designing freedom - One of the key features of multistorey building construction is its liberty of geometry, which makes them more inspired than other conventional buildings.

Well Mechanized construction - Multistoried buildings are really strong and long-lasting and are weather and earthquake resistant. Steel components are used in the installation as steel is not only a construction material but also delivers technical expertise. High precision software and mechanized practice are also employed to attain precision in construction.

Access to fire Safety - These buildings are designed and constructed to make sure that sufficient fire safety provisions are included to keep away from danger to lives.

Natural light and ventilation - Experience of natural light and enough ventilation improves productivity. Multistorey building constructions provide a good scope to natural light and Ventilation.

Sturdy Structure - Multistorey building constructions are engineered to accommodate a sturdy structure that even shows an excellent earthquake resistant behavior.


Loadings on beams, columns, frames, floors and pads can grounds numerous structural differences as the nature and performance of the materials may vary by reason of stress and strain on them. The materials such as concrete and steel are used all the way through the construction industry. The beam, column, frame, pad or floor could collapse and cause many injuries if the materials employed in the inaccurate method.

Innovative construction technologies are always implemented in high rise structures as a result of quality, economy, technological requirements and speed required for construction. Architectural design, selection of construction materials, and providing fire safety provisions are to be given priority in multistoreyed structures. New construction technologies, smart equipment and building concept, mechanization will have to be adopted in multistoreyed buildings construction to suit various climatic conditions in disaster prone areas.