Our Industrial Prefabricated Factory Shed in Chennai is broadly installed in huge commercial buildings. Our Factory Sheds is exceptionally extolled by our customers as it is tastefully planned which looks goods and increase the magnificence of the building. The Factory shed is effectively installed and having the quality of weather resistance and furthermore effectively destroy.


Unobstructed space and quicker completion
Light in weight and heavy burden bearing strength
Free development for compelling handling of goods
Energy productive roofing and walls
Unrivaled heat reflection and quicker execution
Exceptional fire resistance


PEB Steel Structures Industrial Building is a counterfeit brief development structure which is utilized to make medium to large sized factory and industrial facilities like airplane overhang, industrial facilities, and shipyard and manufacturing plants. It tends to be effortlessly gathered with the inside a lesser measure of time to fabricate the design by welding and fastening the steel members together. It is an exceptionally productive and cost effective solution for speed conveyance.


The PEB elements might be comprehensively classified into following parts they are as per the following:

Primary structural Frame – Pre-engineered steel building is gateway outline development includes primary and secondary framing and supporting system. A blend of these three components and climate covering sheeting brings about stable steel buildings rather than singular frame.

Secondary structural frames – Secondary framing system is for the most part purlin and girt of Z or C shapes of different sizes. In Pre-engineered buildings ordinarily chilly structure Z sections are utilized for secondary framing to accomplish high strength and lower weight.

Roof and Wall Panels – Tin shades and Shade Wall made of Glass and Roll-shaped steel sheets as a rule comes in the classification. From transfer of wind power and other acting loads structure building frame to the establishment at certain stretch.

Sandwich Panels – Sandwich panel is made of three layers in which a non-Aluminum Core is embedded between two aluminum sheets.

Weather covering for rooftop and walls – to give climate covering to rooftop and walls from outer condition, steel structure should be covered completely/mostly according to useful necessities.

Mezzanine system – Presently a day's development of mezzanine system is basic being utilized in steel building for different purposes. In the majority of the factory or warehouse building shop floor office, creation workplaces, stores, maintenance office, wash rooms, flask and so on are made over the shop floor territory any place overflow head rooms are accessible.

Building accessories – There are different other structure components which may not be significant fundamentally however vital practically and it adds execution of the building.

Crane system – All pre-engineered steel buildings can be designed for crane activity arrangement according to operational need. There is different type of crane being utilized in industry for different purposes- EOT overhead crane with pendant or cabin worked, Overhung/under-threw crane system, Monorail crane or lift system, Wall mounted crane and Jib crane.

Paints and completes – Pre-painted steel is delivered on modern, fast loop painting lines where surface arrangement before painting, paint application and paint restoring is done on an exceptionally automated line under best condition.