JUNE 12, 2021



Kerala style roofing is introduced by beginning at the base piece of the rooftop, tying down a column of tiles to the rooftop deck, and covering the following line of tiles over the initial until the rooftop is entirely covered. Below mentioned are different types of Kerala style roofing materials.

SLATE & STONE ROOFING - Slate or stone tiles are one of the famous tile types in the market because of their extraordinary and lovely appearance. Slate tiles have sensational shading varieties that no one but nature can give. It is viewed as one of the most tasteful roofing materials in presence. Potential gains of record incorporate its toughness, long life expectancy, and are likewise fireproof

METAL ROOFING - The reputation of metal roofing systems cleared a path for metals to be utilized as material to deliver rooftop tiles. The most well-known metals utilized in making tiles are copper, steel, zinc, and aluminum. Metal tiles come in a wide range of shapes and shading choices. It is regularly used to mirror other tile types, for example, Spanish tiles, wood shake tiles, record tiles, even shingle designs. The advantage of metal tiles is that they're lightweight, so if your home construction couldn't uphold the heaviness of the heavier tile items, then, at that point, metal tiles would be your most ideal choice.

CONCRETE ROOFING - Another famous tile choice is concrete tiles. Its fundamental parts are concrete, sand, water, and color. The materials utilized in substantial tiles are economical and supportable which makes them harmless to the ecosystem, and recyclable. It is likewise one of the most economical tiles accessible on the lookout, yet its weight can be a disservice since fortifications might be expected to help the heaviness of substantial tiles.

COMPOSITE ROOFING - Composite rooftop tiles are produced using a combination of man-made and regular materials. They are produced using maintainable materials. The benefit of composite rooftop tiles is their capacity to recreate the appearance of any tile rooftop item and can be accessible in various custom tones. Composite tiles give extraordinary buildup and shape assurance since they are non-permeable. The rock layer, notwithstanding, causes soil develops and requires intermittent cleaning.

CLAY ROOF - Clay rooftop tiles have a rich history. It has been utilized for a really long time just on the grounds that the material is promptly accessible. In the former times, the tiles were molded manually, dried, and utilized on the rooftop. Today, most tiles are machine-made, yet the completed items are similarly rich. These earthenware tiles are fantastic in high-salt regions, dissimilar to metal tiles which effectively consume.

COPPER TILE ROOFING - Copper tiles are perhaps the sturdiest and enduring tile you'll at any point experience. Its life expectancy is supposed to be over 100 years before any substitutions are vital. What separates it from other rooftop tiles is its excellence. When recently introduced, copper tiles sparkle splendidly and as the tiles age, they will obscure and uncover the shocking turquoise green shade of matured copper.

Every one of these Kerala style roofing materials comes in assortment of plans and styles and are accessible in every one of the standard sizes.